Quality/environmental efforts

Quality management

Sapporo Precision Inc. has established a system to provide services worthy of trust and satisfaction of customers around the world on a continuous basis.

Basic policy
on quality management

  1. We aim to achieve a dominant share in the global market for bearings in specific fields, and contribute to the growth of our business and the local community through the continuous provision of products and services that can gain trust and satisfaction of customers around the world.
  2. We have correct recognition of relevant laws and regulations, and ensure compliance-based management.

Acquisition of international standard
for quality management systems - ISO9001

Certification standard ISO9001:2015
Approval No. ISO 9001 - 0065140-501
Registration organization Lloyd’s Register
Applicable facilities Head office, Logistics Center

ISO9001 certification

Download the ISO9001:
2015 certification (PDF)

Quality management efforts

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system

Improvement of the quality management system

Our company makes constant efforts to improve our quality management system through examinations by a third-party organization and regular in-house examinations.

Communications with customers

Our company conducts customer satisfaction surveys. Comments from customers are shared company-wide as irreplaceable “precious information” and are utilized for further and continuous improvement of our quality management system.