Sapporo Precision Group


A New Door for the Bearing Industry is Opened
  In order to provide innovative services in every field of quality, price and assurance to the world market of miniature bearings, we have set up the most-advanced bearing manufacturing plants in Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan and Shanghai, China.
With fully automated production and the accomplishment of the automation quality assurance techniques, both our Japanese and Chinese factories are capable of supplying high precision bearings of the identical standard and quality to the world market. We firmly believe that we have opened a new door for the bearing industry.

Sapporo Precision Inc.
Kitanihon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.

Eiichi Kobayashi Founder&Chairman


Company Name Sapporo Precision Inc.
Address 8-2, South 1, East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0051 Japan
Founded August , 1960
Capital 22,650,000 yen
President Founder&Chairman Eiichi Kobayashi
President Ichiro Kobayashi
Number of Employees 21(Male16 , Female5)
TEL / FAX TEL011-251-9261 / FAX 011-251-9266

*10 minutes from JR Sapporo Station by car.
*1 minutes from Subway Buscenter Mae Station.
*click here for the magnified map

Corporate History
Aug.1960 Johoku Bearing Kogyo Co.,Ltd. founded in Sapporo with capital of 4 million yen by Eiichi Kobayashi.
Aug.1969 Established Kitanihon Seiki Co.,Ltd. in Ashibetsu,Hokkaido, as a miniature bering manufacturer.Production started in November.
Feb.1970 Renamed to Johoku Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Sep.1974 Capital increased to 22.65 million yen after several increases.
Mar.1984 Renamed to Sapporo Precision Inc.
Feb.1985 Acquired Toyo Shionomisaki Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in Wakayama Prefecture and renamed to Shionomisaki Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Oct.1985 Established Tokyo Precision Inc. in Tokyo as a bearing distributor for Tokyo metropolitan area.
May.1989 Constructed Shipping Center on Kitanihon Seiki's premises in Ashibetsu.
Nov.1991 Established Kitanihon Daio Co.,Ltd. as a precision steel ball manufacturer in Ashibetsu.
Sep.1993 Established Shanghai Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai, China.(First Chinese factory)
Nov.1996 Established EZO Bearing Co.,Ltd. in Seoul, Korea.(Renamed to EZO Korea Co.,Ltd. in Mar.1999)
Jul.2003 Established Shanghai Ashibetsu Seiki Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai,China.
Nov.2003 Established SPB-USA,L.L.C. in Florida,USA.
Jun.2005 Started operation Nishi-ashibetsu Factory.
Feb.2007 New factory for larger sizes started operation.
Apr.2007 Started operation new shipping center.
Oct.2007 Kitanihon Seiki acquired industrial park in Ashibetsu.
Nov.2008 New factory for high precision bearings was completed.
Sep.2009 New factory for miniature sizes started operation.
Mar.2010 Kitanihon Seiki acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification.
Certificate No.YKA 4003532.
Feb.2011 Established Harbin Kitanihon Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd.
in Harbin,Heilongjiang, China.

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